Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 Unusual Places to Celebrate Christmas in India - #2 Mangalore, Karnataka

Relish the slow ace of life in this multicultral town where Christmas looks a lot like Diwali with day lamps lighting up houses, as Mangalore's humid air is replaced with a chill. Mangalore's cake shops contain works of art designed for the season of giving. The spectacular church picture cakes are worth a look. Do taste the 'Kusvar', the Konkani word for sweets and savories comprsing 22-odd different traditional sweets. As you pay homage at the St. Aloysius College Chapel you get to see a wonderful series of paintings that cover the interior roof and walls. 

10 Unusual Places to Celebrate Christmas in India - #1 Daman

Festiities at this town have taken on a new pitch with the tourism department getting involved. You can witness the vibrant and fascinating Portuguese dance here as you appreciate the subtle flavour of the mouth-watering christmas cookies. As you make your way through this appreciate its well-preserved churches, you can spot cribs and manages everywhere. These are crib competition, which is an integral part of christmas in Daman. The beaches at Daman rival those at Goa shaded by casuaring groves and haunts of seafood lovers.